• Underwater sex fantasies


    And I guess I would be okay with anyone else fantasizing about me, even if it was a person of the same gender although I'm guessing that does not happen much. There must be something better, more rewarding and less demeaning to each person in the marital bed. I think it's because we have known each other for over 25 years and I could trust him. He is really cool and I would like very much to masturbate with him, but the opportunity has not yet presented itself. On the other hand, my girlfriend and I both have fantasies about each other as we masturbate, and I think it's kind of cool that I can arouse her, and she thinks it's great that I fantasize about kissing her or touching her body while I masturbate and that it makes my orgasms stronger. Now he doesn't speak to me. Each of us can summon memories of the moments before that first exciting kiss.

    Underwater sex fantasies

    We can either keep you anonymous or acknowledge your donation on our Donate page. If they ever were to find out about my fantasies, I think our friendships would be damaged and I would be looked upon as a pervert. Some or maybe most of them probably wouldn't care, and they might even be aroused because they probably think about their friends, too. By experiencing the acts through fantasy, we can decide if they're a good idea or not. In a few situations, sharing the fantasy either ended or drastically changed the friendship. If one of my female friends found out I've had fantasies about her, it'd probably become an interesting inside joke, since she's bi. I worry that he will tell others that I had a gay dream about him and who knows what might happen. I have never found it funny. I've gone so far as to touch his thighs and backside "accidentally. In fact, I would probably fear for my life because they are extremely and, hypocritically homophobic. Quite often, I think of giving him oral sex. You see, she's my temporary roommate, and a few nights ago I got pretty drunk and asked if I could do stuff with her. I think that most would be flattered to know a guy was masturbating to thoughts of them. Occasionally we would play wrestle and once when I sat on him, I could feel that his penis was erect but I ignored it. Beyond the initial "wow" factor, it was a nice, frank discussion that led to mutual masturbation. I was so frightened of him thinking I was gay that I never spoke about anything sexual or masturbation to him, though I did to other friends. I am so glad that I stopped believing people who told me it is wrong to masturbate. His rage and condemnation surprised me since we had grown up like brothers. I told him the other night I dreamed that he was bi or gay and I was his boyfriend. I do not expect others to understand my beliefs; however, they make sense to me, which is all that matters. Actually, we had a discussion about this around a week ago. Do you masturbate to make yourself feel good, or to try and imitate sex? A number of people said that the more distant the relationship, the easier it is to fantasize about someone. They are like siblings and it would be too weird to fantasize about them. It would be great if we could give each other a nice, slow, genital massage to orgasm, integrated with some gentle oral stimulation. Her voice and the smooth skin of her inner thigh probably haven't changed.

    Underwater sex fantasies

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    • Maugor

      Okay, it keeps one's mate technically faithful, but at what cost? But otherwise, it actually has not been so weird to me.

    • Kagagami

      Only in a few situations did the other person ultimately participate in the fantasized activity. Some of my female friends wouldn't mind if they found out, but most would be a little weirded out by it.

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