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    All the adorable gifts, sweets, affectionate messages and phonecalls as well as the expensive, romantic, candle-lit dinners are just part of a grand, day-long foreplay. And yes, while this is true, there are certainly things you can maximize, things you can encourage and ways to make what your partner already does even better. He might be the first to tell you that and he may even tell you when he doesn't care for your smell that's how sensitive, tuned in and turned on or off some men can be to it , so whether it's a big erotic trigger for you or not, be aware it's almost certainly a sexy attribute for your guy. Be sure to list them all. When he holds and squeezes my hand. And I want someone who can match me or more. When he smells you, your skin, that scent that is uniquely you and we're not talking store bought perfume here , he will want you! If you do nothing else, do this. I want a dude who can take what life deals out and more — and still kill it.

    Sexiest things to do

    From Lego to model making, sport, puzzles, and even video games, men can use their hands! As in, he has to have me right now, this very second. Just being a human who can handle his shit without whining, clinging, manipulating, blaming, seeking revenge, etc goes really, really far. It's a mean spirited and inaccurate stereotype to think of men as selfish lovers in the main. The more you are, the more they are. Not limited to guys either. Let them take their natural skill of concentrating on one thing at a time and make that thing you. Not to mention the differences between me and all other women. Don't feel guilty if they're spending a lot of time on you. They respond to seeing visual stimuli. Ex; Pulling you into a changing room to give you a hot kiss Ex; Bringing home a rose for no reason at all but that he passed by a vendor on the way home They want you to be happy. This is my shit. Men are superb at doing one task until success. Who says the thrill of the night can't be extended to other nights?! And yes, while this is true, there are certainly things you can maximize, things you can encourage and ways to make what your partner already does even better. Emphasize their touch by guiding their hands and encourage touch all over your body. It's wired into the construction of their brains, literally. Ice cubes Having your partner take an ice cube and run it over your erogenous zones. In the days leading up to Valentine's, you and your partner should each make a list of sexy experiences you've never had, exchange them and make as many of them happen on the night! You have to be living under a rock to not know this. Give them praise so they know what works Ok, so many men may not take direction well or even like to ask for directions at all, but they do respond well to praise and ego boosts. Be able to hold a good conversation. And as a lover, they want you to be satisfied. Being emotionally secure — composed, stable, sane, and with healthy self esteem — pays dividends when it comes to sex appeal.

    Sexiest things to do

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