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    Again, there is no documented proof that this test works. OMG, what if I get pregnant?! If the thought of doing Kegels literally makes you cringe I'm cringing now , try Pilates: Things may change a little down there. In other words, don't let your mind drift to what time the baby ate last, or whether you wrote a thank you note to your Aunt Kathy for the sleep sack she sent. You will want it again.

    Sex and baby

    Don't get frustrated if the doctor can't tell what the baby's sex is on ultrasound. You will have good sex again, and knowing these truths can make reentry sorry, couldn't resist more pleasurable for everyone. Yes, depending on your age and how many children you've had, there may be a little more, um, wiggle room. Quickies are your new best friend. At a certain point you realize life with kids is always going to be chaotic, and you just have to do certain things, like fooling around, wherever and whenever you can. Still others use a "pendulum test" in which an object is suspended over the pregnant belly and the baby's sex is revealed depending on which way the pendulum swings. While my friend Lisa was being discharged from the hospital, the doctor dropped by to check on her and deliver the "nothing in the vagina for six weeks" spiel. And she had a C-section. The test, usually given to moms 35 or older, involves inserting a needle into the uterus to remove a small amount of amniotic fluid. The very thought of sex can be daunting when you just had a human come out of your body. Sex is even more important now. We all gasped and told her to go home and throw the poor guy a bone. There's a good reason you're not into it. If the thought of doing Kegels literally makes you cringe I'm cringing now , try Pilates: Not surprisingly, they weren't getting along too well. For obvious reasons, it's usually easier to see if your baby is a boy. Estrogen levels drop right after giving birth and remain low while breastfeeding. Some people claim they can predict the baby's sex by the way you're carrying, but, again, there is no scientific proof that this is true. Similar to how going from zero to one child is the biggest adjustment, returning to sex after the first baby is also the toughest. The process by which your baby becomes a boy or a girl, according to what's written in his or her genetic code, is awe-inspiring. If you're breastfeeding, even mother nature is working against you. It may actually be better than you think. Watch it all unfold. You'll know soon enough; in the meantime, just buy green or yellow clothes and accessories! Some of that was because it wasn't my first rodeo, but I know it also had to do with hormones—and my body being "mine" again much sooner.

    Sex and baby

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