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    Adler NE et al. Morrison DM et al. Kirby D, The impact of schools and school programs upon adolescent sexual behavior, Journal of Sex Research, , 39 1: The interaction between the two types of intentions was statistically significant and contributed to the prediction of whether teenagers would have sex. Moore KA et al. Stanton B et al. Analysis of the statistically significant interaction between types of intentions shows that at low levels of sex intention, abstinence intention had little effect on the predicted probability of having sex, but at a high level of sex intention, higher abstinence intention was associated with an increased probability of having sex Figure 1. The selection of these constructs and the techniques used to measure them were guided by the theory of reasoned action 14 and the theory of planned behavior.

    Opposite sex 2000

    Analysis We calculated means and standard deviations of attitude and intention scores regarding abstinence and having sex for males and females, then conducted t tests to determine whether means were significantly different between genders. Mathematica Policy Research, In contrast, associations have been found between sex cognitions, including intentions, and the likelihood of having sex. We used logistic regression analyses to assess associations between the cognitive variables measured at six months and whether participants had sex between that time and the month follow-up. Participants were divided into 54 single-gender groups, each with an average of eight youth; equal proportions of male and female groups were randomly assigned to attend intervention or control sessions. How tall is she? I remember seeing a very funny movie many years ago about three men with identical suitcases that get mixed up. Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, , 40 2: Santelli J et al. Some youth completed all survey assessments and were missing no data on the attitude, intention and sexual behavior variables used in our analyses; they did not differ significantly from the youth with missing data who were excluded from our study regarding their demographic or cognitive characteristics, or whether they were sexually active. Attitudes and intentions, two cognitive constructs commonly found to be antecedents of sexual behavior, were examined in this study. Preliminary models were run separately by gender for each hypothesis, and odds ratios were compared. Results The final sample of males and females had a mean age of Attitudes and intentions Although sexual intercourse among adolescents has been characterized as unplanned and impulsive, 13 some research suggests an underlying cognitive decision-making process. I think the episode was titled "The Comeback. The alpha was 0. We used vaginal or anal sex, but not oral sex, as an indicator of sexual activity because of the STD risks associated with each behavior. Males reported relatively neutral intentions about abstaining and about having sex 2. Harvard University Press, At worst, among youth who strongly intend to have sex a not uncommon status among teenagers, particularly as they grow older , strong abstinence intentions may be associated with an elevated likelihood that sex will occur. That show ran on CBS from until Advocates for Youth, The history of federal abstinence-only funding, , , accessed Mar. Recruiters explained the study to groups of youth at each site, and interested individuals received an intake form asking for parent or guardian contact information and whether consent materials should be in English or another language they were translated into six languages. The movie possibly stars Walter Matthau. Participants of both genders reported positive attitudes about abstinence, although males somewhat less so than females means, 3. Could you please tell me the name of the song played at the very end of the series finale of "King of Queens"? Sex education and abstinence Efforts to prevent negative sexual outcomes among teenagers have taken two principal approaches:

    Opposite sex 2000

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