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    What was your favorite thing about Myspace? One of the sex offenders Poulsen uncovered had been actively compiling a list of young friends and sending the underage boys sexually explicit, private messages. Change the Location of Posts Myspace adds your location by default. You can delete it by hitting the cross icon and change it by typing in a new location. He has since been arrested, although police were only able to charge him with attempted child endangerment since he never successfully made physical contact with any of the young boys he was communicating with. I Googled and somehow found my Myspace.

    Myspace sex stuff

    Image courtesy of Tumblr, quidditchchick But you won't miss the stress of choosing your top eight and ranking them within if you think you didn't rank, you're lying to yourself. Drag and Drop You can drag and drop content into your deck to start radio, add to your queue or create a mix. He wrote 1, lines of Javascript designed to compare MySpace profile names and reported zip codes with the names and zip codes listed in the U. I Googled and somehow found my Myspace. Myspace Tom was the best. As was that statement. Just click on the item and drag it into your deck area for further options. You'll miss constructing the perfect playlist that instantly told anyone visiting your profile you were deep, an individual and almost painfully cool. When you're ready to go public, just uncheck the box. Image courtesy of Tumblr, jaylynnjewel Image courtesy of Tumblr, myspacenostalgia 7. It was a very big deal to add someone new to your top 8. It's the end of an era, so feel free to blast the Vitamin C as you scroll. What he came up with was disheartening: Understanding Connection Icons This handy diagram explains what Myspace's various connection icons mean. You'll miss the friendly, reassuring smile of Tom. You'll miss the feeling of victory when your friend put you in her top eight. MySpace's classic interface gets the boot today, so all you'll have are the memories of your carefully curated top eight and your spectacular collection of glitter GIFs. Myspace layouts basically taught you how to do HTML. You'll miss subscribing to your friend's Myspace blog. You'll miss the pulsing orange online now man. Change the Location of Posts Myspace adds your location by default. Image courtesy of Tumblr, beasteyes13 4. Add Images to Mixes As well as music and videos, you can add images to a mix either by dragging and dropping or by uploading from your computer. Myspace is still there go find your old profile for fun! Poulsen's code will soon be released in open-source format so police departments can have full access to the program. Image courtesy of BlogSpot, kidnapperbellayit But you won't miss the retina-burning backgrounds.

    Myspace sex stuff

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      What do you remember the most about Myspace? The first thing you did when you went on was to check to see if your crush had an Online Now!

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      Department of Justice online sex-offender database. You worked really hard on making a very elaborate summary of yourself complete with graphics and cool fonts.

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      Of the 1 million profiles scanned, he found more than registered sex offenders, almost of whom had committed crimes against children. Myspace was one of the first social networking sites on the Internet, and as you probably already know, it was incredibly popular.

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      You spent a lot of time searching for the perfect song to have playing in the background of your profile.

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