• How to help my wife enjoy sex more


    Wanna know what does turn us on? It is not just about satisfying your hunger; it is about enjoying every single, delicious moment. What would turn her on much more is if you kiss up her inner thighs, and breathe warmly on her vagina. A lengthy sexual encounter is like a well prepared intercontinental, African, Chinese or local meal. Wow, I cannot wait to hear from you. Many couples, especially those about to wed, often ask me how they can have the best sex ever. We want them to actually like it. The last time many husbands carried their wives was on their wedding day, while they were posing for pictures.

    How to help my wife enjoy sex more

    This is the funny thing. But a truly titillating takeover has to be authentic and not staged. When wives start giving you all the excuses stated above, it simply means you are not being sensitive to their sexual nature and you are also being self-centered in your approach to sexual demands and also neglecting their needs. Guys, go out and buy some flowers, NOT lingerie. Many women want physical touch, but they want it in a different way than most men. Do some of the things she usually does around the house. They want to hold hands. But there is so much hope - your sex life doesn't have to be this way! Your focus can now be to shift your expectations for your sex life with her down to once per week, perhaps masturbating the other four nights, and looking forward to trying to make that one time with her excellent for both of you. During investigation, it was discovered that the lady had a heart condition she ignored, and excess alcohol was found in her blood stream. The difference for women, however, is that they tend to ruminate over negative events more than do men. If you have a daughter, bring her flowers, too. Then drape your legs over his shoulders so he can grab your ankles and position them where he wants them. Funmi, kindly help out here: There are sex positions that she is not comfortable with but she is afraid to tell you. It means you want him running the show because he has the skills to get you there. Give your girlfriend plenty of oral sex, and she will love you for it. Why can't she just have sex with you - maybe even just a quickie - when you need it so much? Smoking, especially as teenager, doubles the risk of erectile dysfunction. I doubt this finding, knowing that high blood pressure does not occur in people who are of that age group. It is characteristic for African couples to rush through sex, but when a spouse is in the mood to savour sex, start with soft kisses and caresses, letting your lips and hands glide at first, before you slowly add more pressure. When you begin to touch each other, things will feel different, more intense and fulfilling again. While erections only indicate the hardness of the penis when sexual arousal occurs, it comes from different sources, either physical or psychological; and these are: Because women ruminate more, wives are much more likely to come to bed resenting their husbands. However, we do live in hectic culture. Wives, please, during foreplay, give the man everything unreservedly. The sexual eye contact heightens the feelings of pleasure and connection beyond anything I can describe in words.

    How to help my wife enjoy sex more

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