• How to become amazing at sex


    So make sure to get some casual contact in throughout the pickup or foreplay — a squeeze on the arm, a hand run across her back, a gentle shoulder rub. Foreplay is the main course. Extend foreplay like a lot a lot a lot When people make analogies to sex being the main course and foreplay being the appetizer, it shortchanges the perceived value of foreplay. Get out of your heads and into your bodies. You and your partner use your hands.

    How to become amazing at sex

    Physically speaking, things should feel like they're developing naturally, almost inevitably. Your pad needs to be slammin' A good general philosophy is: Applied to a player, that might be altered to whomever you do, do her well. The purpose here is to arouse her. Breathing deeply during foreplay, during sex, and throughout your orgasms will relax your body, prolong the experience, build anticipation, and make you both come harder than you ever thought possible. Kiss the folds, flab, bones and angles of their beautiful torsos. Get the TV and laptops out of your bedroom. Drink in the deliciousness that is your partner with your eyes. Play with his balls. Kissing can start lightly, then get deeper and more passionate. You'll find yourself doing this consciously at first, then after a few times, it'll just happen. Remain a challenge throughout. Discover these simple, proven tricks to supercharging your sex life overnight. Breathe deep into your belly, relax your body, and put all of your attention on to the heart-racingly hot sexual pleasure that you are receiving. Always bring your "A" game for the best results — and the best chance of a repeat encounter. Get messy Sex means exchanging bodily fluids… sweat, lubrication, sperm, and saliva… the more the merrier. Rub her clit during intercourse. Tense all of your major muscle groups and engage in shallow breathing. This time around, the focus is on sex. If you combine good technique with a pace just a bit slower than you'd naturally take, she'll be begging for it. Create space To have mind-blowing sex you need to create the time and space for it. Get sweaty, pull their hair, bust out the massage oil or nuru gel… Basically, make a massacre of your bed. Get it out of the way. Keep your hands on her torso, forearms, or legs. Women often take physical cues on how good a man is in bed from two things:

    How to become amazing at sex

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