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    The first time they are touched intimately may be by another person, whereas nearly all men start their sexual lives with masturbation. How to have better sex The best way to have better sex is to learn to listen to your body and brain. Many women enjoy the closeness of intercourse without having orgasm. Learn about what brings the other pleasure, together. Enjoying lovemaking also means taking the time to communicate — saying how you feel, what you want and don't want and what feels good. Of course, do this in a loving way as best you can. In the bedroom, women want to be warmed up first, and she would love you to explore all of her body more. Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom:

    How can women have great sex

    This comes as a big surprise to many women, and often his lack of interest in sex is something we take personally. Making love with another person can be like that; using your whole body to explore your partner's. This is a secret that very few men even know, let alone use to their advantage. In the bedroom, women want to be warmed up first, and she would love you to explore all of her body more. Orgasms, and various types of orgasms even multiple orgasms , are another area that most women would like to explore. Assuming Sex Is Casual for a Man Westheimer believes we should all let go of old-fashioned notions, such as women are not sexual or that sex is just sex to men. Just by taking the time to talk and listen to her, she feels closer to you, and more open to other things… like sex! Expert, fun, not salacious talk to show how a man and a woman can talk more easily about sex. Want to know why? This hugely important difference needs to be taken into account in order for sex and lovemaking to be great for both of you. There are greater rewards for a man by delivering what his woman desires first. Call her throughout the day to say you love her, organise a weekend away just for the two of you, surprise her with a single rose and tell her what you love about her. Orgasm You or your partner may experience: But the ways that women experience and express their sexuality are often very different from their male partners. And remember, foreplay begins after your last lovemaking session! But how and why does it feel so good to have sex? Keep an open line of communication with your partner when it comes to talking about sex. Why not both provide some fun and variety? Experiencing regular orgasms is not as easy for women as it is for men, but it is necessary for continued desire. Worrying About What You Look Like Thinking about how you look during sex stops you from enjoying yourself and ruins your chances of achieving an orgasm. Spend time getting to know your body on your own e. Scientists know that sex is a pleasurable experience for most women. Instead, let him know you need some time to think about it. There are 2 basic, essential keys to understand if you want great sex: But as the saying goes, it takes two to tango. Men and women both need to feel deeply attached to their partner for happiness. When we have sex, the physical signals felt by the body send signals through our nerves to the brain — which reacts by releasing chemicals that make us experience even more pleasure.

    How can women have great sex

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    Want Good Sex? 5 Ways to Be GOOD IN BED

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      And of course, a woman can learn to come to orgasm by herself through masturbation self pleasuring.

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      Plateau You or your partner may experience: Women often come to bed willing to have a good experience, but not really wanting or craving sex until aroused.

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      Sex and lovemaking has the potential to be either the most delicious or the most dissatisfying aspect of your life. Sex can be a way for you and your partner to open your hearts, surrender your bodies, have some fun and share the peak of ultimate pleasure together… or it can be a mostly frustrating and empty experience.

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