• Hinduism and sex outside marriage


    Still it is a puritanical faith, because it puts heavy emphasis upon virtuous living and the importance of purity and austerity. The Hindu concept of rebirth, as well as its views of gods as being androgynous, means that gender and sexuality can be viewed as fluid. If you have fallen prey to a deceptive guru, please do not lose heart. We have to believe that cases of adultery were common since the law books prescribed punishments for the same. She was not brought up by her original father. For example, as we learned from Greek sources that unmarried women were often auctioned off by their fathers and sold into slavery or bonded labor. Hinduism is unlike many western religions in that it does not have a single canonical text, but many.

    Hinduism and sex outside marriage

    It is possible that the king's children enjoyed greater freedom and privileges, but we do not know how far it translated into sexual misconduct. Sage Parasara promised to remove her bad odor, if only she would consent to sleep with him. As observed by Megasthanese and later by Hieun Tsang, people in ancient India lived frugally and led simple but virtuous lives. They also suggest how a husband can harm the secret lover of his wife with the help of some sacrificial rituals and by invoking destructive powers. In the Ramayana, we have the story of Bali forcibly taking away Tara, the wife of his brother Sugriva and keeping her in his palace. They make it abundantly clear that the consent of the father is of utmost importance because as her father and chief provider or nourisher he is primarily responsible for her birth, life, and existence. The Devdasi or Jogini tradition was prevalent in certain regions of southern India. While students are expected to practice celibacy until they are married, householders are allowed to indulge in sex both within marriage and in some instances outside marriage also. Hinduism is a complex religion. Modern interpretations of this myth hold it as a temptation story, whereas early interpretations view it as a wholly asexual act. The evidence that the Hindu law books intended the sacrament of marriage for maidens only and men were meant to marry only maidens as part of their family tradition and professional duties can be found in the tradition of Hindu marriage itself. They had one or more wives and had children through them. As discussed before, the secret marriage gandharva by which they married was recognized as a lawful for them by the law books. Adherence to dharma, and belief in rebirth and karma inspired them to live responsibly knowing that their lives were the result of their past deed and they had an obligation towards their parents, gods, and others to continue their family tradition, and preserve their name and reputation. Therefore, although they treated women with considerable respect and gave them a place of honor in their families, they ensured that neither their conduct nor the conduct of their woman would result in the decline of their families and the order and regularity of society. It was practiced in educational institutions, from schools to colleges, and to universities. Each of the four stages of life asram vyavastha have something to say on the topic and dharmic prescription in place. Indra is as fickle as the human mind and susceptible to sexual desire. His encounter with her was also not a chance event. Outside the temples, in their private lives, they served the men whom they chose as their husbands or life partners. Machacek and Melissa M. Hence, Vedic beliefs make virginal purity a divine necessity in Hindu marriage tradition. As a result their houses were full of children. However, as in all other matters in Hinduism, intention is important to determine whether the sexual conduct of a person is lawful dharma or unlawful adharma and whether the sexual desire is pursued for the right ends. As in case of Satyavathi, her encounter with the Sun god did not result in her loss of chastity.

    Hinduism and sex outside marriage

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      The Hindu law books are consistent in using this interpretation as the standard to determine the lawfulness or unlawfulness of human conduct. They also often enjoyed sex with other women and celestial nymphs.

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