• Heavy sex torture stories


    Peter was a true coward and in love with only himself, so he offered to barter with his girlfriend Giselle. Time to make the boy squeal, he thought. Then the filthy naked girl was fitted with a heavy iron collar and chained by her neck to the cold stone floor. Her eyes were wide with fear and panic. His cock throbbed fitfully in his trousers as he leaned down to examine her more closely.

    Heavy sex torture stories

    Stunned, Gizelle writhed in shock, her eyes closed; a grimace of pain twisted her beautiful face. Why are we here? Her screams echoed throughout the sound-proof dungeon until early the next morning. He repeated the process with both of her pink nipples and her navel. Finally he was confronted by two thugs who made it plain that Peter would have to pay up or wash up in the east river. Baltazar, being a generous man, paid his smithy not only in gold, but also by allowing him to sample the flesh of the girls he pierced. Her eyes were wide with fear and panic. I heard about girls like you on c-cable TV. Soon the biting flies began to land and bite and sting. He grabbed her feet and rolled her into a ball with her ass up in the air. And I know where this goes too! A great sultan bought the two white sisters and a black slave as well. The black was well endowed and he loved to savage their tight assholes while Baltazar stood nearby smiling as the western whores shrieked in pain. Talia moaned softly as Sharim finished chaining her to the floor. Sweat was streaming down the boys lean, quivering torso. Her back ached fiercely from being bent over the horse, but the wire brush stroking in and out of her swollen cunt made her forget all else as she howled in pain. Spread you legs now whore! His cock throbbed fitfully in his trousers as he leaned down to examine her more closely. She reacted by trying to close her legs but the ropes that fastened her to the rack prevented this. He dragged one forward on her knees and forced his hard cock into her young mouth. Rob had grabbed her by the hair and dragged her into the wine cellar of his mansion. There were threatening phone calls first, then his car had been set on fire. Giselle dared not move fearing the rings would rip through her tender flesh. Giselle saw what was happening but could do nothing but babble around the huge iron ring embedded through her tongue. With the other hand he reached for the blond who taunted him.

    Heavy sex torture stories

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    THE TORTURER - Lamberto Bava 2005 (part 2/3)

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      The boy was unable to contain himself and moaning loudly released 8 hot ropey jets of thick teenaged boy cream into the sucking mouth. January 22nd The screams of the western girls were a constant and welcome sound in the dungeons of Baltazar.

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      The cop smiled to himself. He went upstairs for a warm meal and a nap to ready himself for his next session with his newly purchased playthings.

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