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    Do what feels right. There's a time-honored saying that goes something like this: The same goes for sex. So what do you do if the sex with your best friend is bad? Also, you kind of have a built in fuck buddy. If your BFF is a woman, you might have a whole other slew of issues to deal with.

    Friend making sex

    There's a time-honored saying that goes something like this: It's not completely deranged to see sex with your friend evolving into something more. As a result, some friends decide to take it to the next level, just for fun, without all the trappings of an actual relationship. Then, your bestie can let you know how he feels, and you can either act on your feelings or work on getting over them. Only you can make that decision. Your Friendship Feels Awkward You might not be jeopardizing your friendship entirely if you have sex with your best friend, but you might risk decreasing the quality. Benefits of Having Sex With Your Best Friend You might realize the risks you run when thinking about sleeping with your best friend, but what about the benefits? On the one hand, sleeping with your friend could lead to something wonderful. But it's not as simple as do it or don't do it. Do what feels right. The cons of sleeping with your friend While sleeping with your friend seems like it's a daydream of sunshine and rainbows, there are a lot of cons to sleeping with your friend. In an alternate universe, Chandler and Monica were just friends, and he steps in to be her first sexual partner. He also knows your friends and family, which might be a positive or a negative depending upon the way you look at it. Or you might be grieving, stressed out or otherwise not yourself. However, actually acting on those thoughts is a different thing altogether. So just invite her. It contains a number of oral sex techniques that will give your man full-body, shaking orgasms. Check it out here to learn how. Find out if you need to stop and discover 12 ways to derail your sexual train of thought. Follow your heart and if your heart happens to lead you into bed with your friend? The first risk is a given. Damn, these days, no one is safe from talking about anything remotely resembling any form of fiction, even if strongly sarcastic, lest we face social justice warriors bashing us for anything and everything. Don't use your friend, someone you love and have invested in, as a body to appease your needs. There are a lot of variables that need to be taken into consideration. Don't let anyone or anything stop you.

    Friend making sex

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      So whatever way you choose to bring it up, do not make it sound like a favor. For some people, alcohol or certain drugs might lower inhibitions and can lead to sex..

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      Then, your bestie can let you know how he feels, and you can either act on your feelings or work on getting over them. This situation has the potential be be super awkward.

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