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    Thu Jan 01, 1: I don't know how many stitches, but I do remember that it took a long time to stitch the wound up, and the doctor had to call in someone else half way through as he got tired. I gave birth to my son three years ago and it was quite a traumatic delivery. As a result I had to get stitches post-delivery. Things are going to be a little difficult to start with. I'm convinced they've sewn me up smaller than I was before - my OH thinks it's all ok down there obviously I can't really see!!!

    Episiotomy scar sex

    That first time felt very tight and we felt like a pair of virgins! This will require several stitches and it leaves a linear scar. Things are going to be a little difficult to start with. Fri Jan 20, 6: This was just before the hymenal remnants. Tue Nov 08, 6: With each pregnancy the pelvic floor muscle gets stretched. Because i was on a breastfeeding pill at first and kept forgetting to take it we didnt have sex for 7 wks. Three years later and it is still sore around the scarred area at certain times. Her doctor used a standard technique, with stitches that dissolve on their own, to suture the laceration. I think being so worried about causing damage down there is actually making it worse - if I weren't breastfeeding maybe 2 or 3 glasses of wine would do the trick!!! If pregnancies occur close together the time to heal and tighten is reduced, increasing the chance of pelvic floor issues. It's a white mixture that is injected, using a gauge needle, into the area of tenderness to form a wheal. Just give your body time to heal. When I have sex, it hurts and also when I have my period. She tried to insert a tampon when her period started, but this was also very painful so she switched to pads. My doctor said it can take upto 6 months to heal properly. For reasons that are poorly understood, scar tissue tends to develop in women quite often after gynecologic surgery. Although her doctor used perineal stretching gentle stretching of the area between the vagina and anus and lubricants during delivery, there was a small, second-degree tear of the vagina and perineum as the baby's shoulders delivered. I didn't have an episiotomy but I got a 2nd degree tear. Mon Nov 14, She was discharged from the hospital uneventfully on the second day after delivery. Although this injection can be briefly painful, it quickly numbs the area. If you have had a significant muscle tear then incontinence is more likely. There was no sign of infection or vaginal dryness. Does massage really release toxins from your system?

    Episiotomy scar sex

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      It is important that you can feel back to yourself and engage in a healthy sex life. Another method is to excise the area, either in the office under local anesthesia or in the operating room.

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