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    Thank you, Adina shares. Does she just ride the head of your penis or does she slam down repeatedly on your entire shaft for deeper penetration? This will drive her wild. Couples who believe the sole reason for thrusting is to achieve orgasm often end up suffering from mechanical sex that is devoid of any emotional depth and lasting enjoyment. Try holding your hand or toy still and moving into it to stimulate yourself. Shallow thrusting enables the tightest part of her vagina to wrap around the most sensitive part of your manhood; just below the head. Where does she touch you?

    During proper sex thrusting

    Shallow thrusting allows you to stimulate the opening of her vagina up to about an inch deep, which for many women is a very sensitive part of the vagina. I invite you to check out my site JasonJulius. Once you get comfortable with these three erotic movements, try them while masturbating. What most men don't realize is that this type of thrusting is a recipe for fast ejaculation and little satisfaction for most women. BlockedUnblock FollowFollowing Men were not born with an instruction manual for giving women full body orgasms so I created one. One of the best ways to activate more movement in your body is to dance! Try holding your hand or toy still and moving into it to stimulate yourself. Another thing I like to do is slide my penis up and down the outside of her vagina, but not penetrate her. Some women prefer a slower more sensual thrusting rhythm. Next, integrate more movement into partnered sex. Full body movement, and especially moving the pelvis, creates way more pleasure and creates the opportunity for full body orgasm. There are, of course, some women who prefer both; a slow start that ends with a hard finish. For most women pleasure ignites from anticipation and surprise. Play with going slow, feeling each part of the circle. It also allows you to position your pelvic bone directly onto her clitoral region permitting her to rub against it to help trigger a clitoral orgasm. Also, the opening of her vagina is often the tightest part, so shallow thrusts allow you to concentrate a great deal of stimulation on the head of your penis and just below, which feels awesome. Deep thrusting is excellent for G-spot stimulation. If you are concerned about how you will look while moving, ask your partner to wear a blindfold so you can move without inhibitions! Upper Rubbing — Shallow strokes pointing your penis upward to stimulate her G-spot. Think of a hotdog sliding in and out of a bun. This allows you to watch and feel how she moves up and down your erect shaft helping you discover which parts of her vagina she focuses the head on. This is the most sophisticated erotic movement but also the most important for activating full body pleasure. It's best to choose the combinations and variations that work for you and your lover. Can you feel your pleasure spike during any of the movements? As you stimulate yourself, try circles, thrusts and undulations. After experimenting with different modes of thrusting, you and your partner will no doubt end up with a variety of styles to choose from.

    During proper sex thrusting

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