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    I'm training to be a boxer, you see. I thought I might throw up. It felt weird to have something large being pushed in and out of her bum. I ignored that fact because I was enjoying myself too. I was starting to get into it.

    Dudley dursley sex

    We have put up with that brat for long enough. As Dudley was beckoning him to sit and rest for a minute, Harry remembered. Never in a million years would he have believed that having sex could feel so good, especially after what had happened to him a year ago. I'm going to get you out of here, ok? But something was still off. He shuddered in pleasure. But, he had forgotten to warn Dudley. I'm afraid of that freak. There were games all over his desk, and clothes all over the floor. They were kissing and licking and groping, both feeling a need and an urgency. It is then I realize I forgot something. I nipped hard at that spot, sucking hard on the soft flesh next to it. Then, out walked the headmaster and Professor Snape, who happened to still be in the office at the time. Dudley pounded against her bum roughly, mating with her like a dog. But I would have been even more thankful if he would have used his stupid stick to stop them from touching me. But I do have an idea, if you'd like to hear it? He used one meaty hand to hold me down at the hips, and the other to fondle my balls. Only…this time there shouldn't be any Death Eaters! We will contact you as soon as we know anything. Harry, feeling as if Dudley were wearing too much clothing, began to pull at the bigger boy's shirt. Mine was much worse. I could still feel Dudley's hands abusing my flesh, pinching my nipples, and scratching at my skin. A year later I was asked to read for Dudley. I slowly pulled him out of my mouth and blew my warm breath on him. I can't leave you alone with what happened to you. When I leaned down and nipped at that too, it jumped a little in my hand.

    Dudley dursley sex

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    Dementors attack Harry and Dudley

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