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    Memos were mainly used to record observations about the data that could be helpful during interpretation of findings and to indicate decisions regarding coding definitions and the creation of new codes. A while later, I felt everything start spinning. Being coy, I said "I don't know, what do you think I'm looking for? Latino day laborers who reported more immigrant stress and who did not have a partner in the U. Only four workers remained to negotiate. Because of limited funding and the exploratory nature of the qualitative phase, the number of interviews and focus groups conducted was small. Thus, there is a need to obtain more information about the extent to which Latino day laborers may be at risk for HIV infection through the sexual solicitations from other men while seeking day labor employment.

    Day laborer for sex

    Many are homeless or share housing with other men in order to save on housing costs. Seventy-five percent reported that they had heard of men offering day laborers money for sex at work sites. However, Ehrlich et al. Adapting to life in a new environment is often difficult, and the process of acculturation is complex, occurring over multiple dimensions e. As if out of habit, dozens of day laborers rushed toward the red Toyota truck that pulled up on the corner of Grove and Arrow streets in Rancho Cucamonga. A convenience sample of Latino day laborers was recruited for the study from July to September The approach for coding data was constructivist and iterative in nature. See this linked thread and reposted thread text here I didn't write it, just reposting it: Qualitative Phase Key Informant Interviews Individuals knowledgeable about Latino day laborers in the Washington, DC metropolitan area were identified as potential key informants. Some simply went quiet. This is the first of two articles judged as "best from Hispanic media in In some places, sex workers enforce condom use with clients and thus prevent HIV transmission either to themselves or to their clients Belza et al. Structural conditions clearly affect the extent of sex work commerce. Moreover, research in a variety of populations has addressed the question of whether alcohol or drug use is related to increased sexual risk behavior i. He slowly approached my window and said hi. Analysis Descriptive statistics were obtained on all the study variables. The composition of groups was also relatively homogenous Krueger, Wasn't sure if he thought I wanted drugs or sex. There is currently disagreement in the literature concerning the role of sex workers in the HIV epidemic. I said hi back. Using a conceptual framework entitled the Structural-Environmental SE model, proposed by Organista et al. Let me tell you, during the summer, some of the most amazing looking, often shirtless, young African American men loll about at front. The risk related to sex with sex workers among Latino day laborers in the Washington DC area is not known. Many day laborers carry tuberculosis, and other illnesses that they brought with them from their countries. Many enter into it knowingly , but the majority of us are tricked into it. All of the interviews were conducted in Spanish.

    Day laborer for sex

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      A review of research on a different but related group of workers in the U. Wording of questions used in the qualitative interviews, focus groups, as well as in the quantitative survey, was based on the previous experience of the authors in conducting HIV and sexual behavior research with Latino immigrant populations for over 10 years e.

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      The work is short-term—usually for a day or so only— and conveys no fringe benefits; jobs are frequently in construction, landscaping, or painting.

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      A lot accept it or name their price. The day laborers were fairly equally divided among the three age categories.

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      Factors potentially affecting risk include macro, structural conditions e. A convenience sample of Latino day laborers was recruited for the study from July to September

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      Logistic regression analysis was used to determine which day laborers were more likely to be solicited and subsequently to have sex.

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