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    Despite the progress society has made toward equality, and despite heightened recognition of sexual misconduct as a campus crisis, we still see a big problem. Behavior at a party or in a dorm room that once seemed a rite of passage, or at worst boorish, is no longer tolerated. Are they too drunk to remember this experience? Every act of intimacy, from kissing onward, must be mutually agreed upon. This must-read title is enhanced with amusing cartoon-style line art. Not cool, and maybe an indictable offense.

    College sex survival

    Sexual assault has doubtless occurred on college campuses at least as long as there have been coeducational institutions. No one lands on campus planning to reinvent the college experience; the road map was created by previous generations long before you got an acceptance letter. Most of what happens never sees the light of day, though we know the U. Instead, there is this blunt plea and warning: The solution is to change the traditions by rejecting vile, predatory behavior. Are they passed out duh … off-limits? OK, more likely someone asked you to read this and you anticipated skimming another lame adult lecture about challenging yourself and doing your own laundry. We wonder because Owen Labrie was set to enroll at Harvard last year after graduating from a prestigious New Hampshire boarding school. Every chapter in this book rings with authenticity and includes direct quotations from students who have already been there, done that, and have come through with flying colors. Think of it as a legal document, and accept that no one would ever sign a contract while intoxicated. Maybe the signs made you snicker, but they reveal something sinister about the culture of partying at universities that should put every freshman daughter on alert. For starters, incoming freshmen should know what to bring with them from home and--just as important-- what not to bring. Are they too drunk to remember this experience? Incoming freshmen, for whom the college experience is entirely new, will find this book required reading--but sophomores, juniors, and seniors will also find good advice about study abroad, money management, choosing a major, and more. The campus sex crisis: A fraternity temporarily suspended its Old Dominion chapter because members allegedly were involved. But along the way, something else surprised The era of Animal House fraternities is over. We see tougher laws and more aggressive law enforcement, which we support. And these are stories easily cited from recent news reports. But you can take responsibility for yourself, which begins with this: The fraternity expelled 38 members. Do you get it yet? You go off to college to learn independence and explore boundaries. We see good anti-violence awareness campaigns and strict codes of conduct.

    College sex survival

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      But along the way, something else surprised We see good anti-violence awareness campaigns and strict codes of conduct.

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      Reject the idea that the fun you expect to have includes treating women as sexual prey, to be taunted or bullied or abused or raped. Here are commonsense tips, lists, and stories for dealing with that problem, as well as advice on coping with troublesome roommates, balancing study, work, and play hours, maintaining a healthful diet, hooking up and hanging out, avoiding excessive alcohol, shunning all contact with illicit drugs, finding the best professors, and handling heavy course loads.

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