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    In other words, she would give me all the cum we pumped into her mouth. I was a little nervous they were setting me up for something nefarious because of the time table in which things were taking place. I'm not a fan of cigarettes at all and was worried that I had made a mistake. I reached over and began to touch the base of his cock. It was unique, unlike anything I'd had before. Once again I turned to the internet to help solve my problem. Finally, on a hot summer afternoon, a couple sent me a phone number, which is always a promising sign, and we began to text back and forth.

    Bi sex stoires cumswap

    I grabbed her hips and really started fucking her, her moans were muffled by the dick in her mouth but I could tell she was really enjoying herself. I then started to rub her pussy with the tip of my cock. I rubbed her opening for a moment before placing my cock to it. With every thrust he pushed behind her, her head moved down my cock. It felt so good to have another cock in my mouth. I continued to fuck her while she sucked her husband. The two of them had a house, not terribly far from me and they wanted to have a threesome. I love pussy juice, its one of my favorite things in the world. She re-positioned herself to doggy-style and motioned for me to get behind her. She slid more and more of my cock into her mouth until no more would fit and then took it all out and started again. She sat up and looked at me, mouth full of cum, and motioned to let her known when I was ready. She was already wet which was a great surprise for me. We all moved to the bed and sat down. She let out a small moan, closer to a whimper than an actual moan, and intensified her hand play. I came inside and they took me straight to the bedroom. She had noticeable wrinkles and her tits sagged but I could tell she was once a very attractive girl. I moved down and joined her. She put my dick in her mouth and I could feel his cum around my dick, it turned me on and pushed me over the edge. She moved me out of the way and began sucking him. Our tongues danced around the head of his cock. Within seconds I grabbed her and moved her head to my cock. It was getting to be very frustrating. I shot my load and she mixed our cum with her tongue. She then put the head of my dick in her mouth, like a lollipop and started to flick my tip with her tongue. I loved having cum in my mouth. She stood up and got a camera.

    Bi sex stoires cumswap

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