• Bald midget sex


    Why can't midgets wear tampons? Why can't Midgets rob a gas station? The Human Resources supervisor is puzzled and asks: Why don't people ask midgets for favors? That hilarious moment when you see a midget eating a mini donut.

    Bald midget sex

    So the one midget is in his bed and he can't get it up and he hears his friend going What does a midget model do? He lays back and she gets right to work sucking his hard cock, and he bends her over to eat out her wet pussy from behind. What do you call a party with midgets? I mean yeah everybody likes a little sex but thats ridiculous Fortune Teller Leona had two claims to fame. The grass tickles their balls! Because they don't look down on people. What do you say to an angry midget? What bank do midgets use? They had Leona arrested. She finally jerks his load all over her pretty face. A paragraph cause he's too short to be an essay. Did you hear about the midget that overdosed on Viagra? Hand him a step stool before you start talking to him. He never thought he'd stoop so low. Chuck Norris once roundhouse kicked a midget and it burst into 25 gold coins. You gave a mushroom to a midget and said "Grow Mario! He's a little stiff now! The midget was barely three feet tall but they were attracted to each other. What did the midget say when I asked him for a dollar? What do you call a midget with. Why shouldn't you hire a midget chef? What do you get when you cross a midget with a computer? She lays back and lifts her skirt so he can eat out her bald pussy, and she returns the favor by sucking his hard cock. This so incensed the judge that he ordered the local newspaper to print an article about the culprit. The local authorities frowned on her because they thought that fortune telling was fraudulent.

    Bald midget sex

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