• Anal sex with a female


    A deep rooted desire to be degraded? Carpe Diem Bitches Bow down gentlemen. But shoving it up there is going to hurt like hell and guarantee a kiss of death to any second chance of doing it there again. Power for a man because he dominates and controls the situation and his shaft is feeling so good being so tightly stroked. Here are my top reasons that women should have anal sex. I am not a self-depreciating, submissive mouse of a woman. Do you not enjoy sex? It feeds into their primal instinct to protect and naturally dominate.

    Anal sex with a female

    More From Thought Catalog. Hee-Hee, looks like woman have the upper hand here. So the back door cures all of that since your man can come in there safely. Trust is a gift to both parties and creates a whole other level of intimacy, which is something we ladies always want. Do it because you choose it as an act that makes you feel like a woman who is desired and powerful in her sexuality. The first time I agreed to anal sex was with my ex-boyfriend. Not as a woman who is degraded and wants to be brought low. For me that was him. That scared me a little and I was so ready to say no. But I think that all women should try it at least once. So yes to trust. Ever rub the palm of your hand? I read a twisted article from Vice about why women should only have anal sex. I am not a self-depreciating, submissive mouse of a woman. That article made me realize that women out there are being made to believe that anal sex is designed to please men and to fulfill a secret desire to be turned into a submissive degraded female. Christian Grey is not real ladies. It was all kinds of bat-shit crazy. So, try it out…you and your man will thank me later. The sensitivity is higher and it feels even more tingly! Now the second guy I ever trusted back there, is huge. Ever put your trust blindly into someone? He lit up like a Christmas tree when I said yes and of course, I trusted him to not hurt me and thankfully, I loved it. Feels pretty good and kind of ticklish. Embrace your dark side and give your man a double win. Do you not enjoy sex?

    Anal sex with a female

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    Why women actually enjoy anal sex

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