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    At the end of the day, sex is truly pleasurable because through it we may transcend our aloneness and form a meaningful bond with another human being. It turns out the desire for physical pleasure is NOT the most important reason for sexual activity. What's going on here? Remember your first sexual experience. A brutal illustration of this principle can be found in prostitution. Moreover, many sexual behaviors we commonly engage in, even in the fertile years, are not related to reproduction at all. You get sexual pleasure from the relationship.

    Adult people having sex

    Often, their sex lives actually get better, because there are no more worries about unplanned pregnancy or, a bit later, about Junior popping up bedside mid-action saying he needs to pee. It is a pleasure. In fact, those interests are often inversely related. Good sex is learned; you have to work for it. Which leads us to the following fact: The allure of Netflix and other device-based diversions may be elbowing sex aside. The customer buys physical sexual release for money, plain and simple. Fundamental social, interpersonal dynamics are apparently present even here, inside the most alienated transaction. This is seemingly a simple question. What excites him about the thought that she is enjoying herself? An intense interest in sex and eroticism is not necessarily linked to heightened interest in producing offspring. Besides, you also hold hands with your three-year-old niece. Sexual pleasure is fundamentally a social construct, an emergent property of social exchange. Still, whether sex is a symptom or a cause of wellbeing, a healthy sex life is worth the work. If the client's motivation is selfish sexual release, the satisfaction of a biological urge, why does it matter to him if the prostitute is aroused? And why, when you do masturbate, are you fantasizing about him or about someone, anyway? Therefore we seek that whole everywhere, including in sex. Instead of saying "Every dog has its day," we should say, "Every day has its dog. And it is not just about you alone. The usual answer is, of course, based on the known reproductive function of sex. So why are you having sex with your partner? One of these—perhaps the most interesting—is why we have sex. Human beings, fundamentally, are distinctly, spectacularly social. Research shows that the physical pleasure of genital stimulation is not necessarily an important component in the decision to have sex. And why is the customer's enjoyment increased if the prostitute produces the sounds of enjoyment and sexual arousal? Many seemingly simple questions are, on close inspection, not at all easy to answer. And the thing about the stork is just a story.

    Adult people having sex

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      On its face, prostitution is a cold business—the epitome of mostly male selfish pleasure seeking. The results of such interaction rituals—whether at church or in bed--are also predictable:

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